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Shopping in India Tips


Where else in the world can you get a custom suit tailor made or a pair of shoes custom made cheaper than what you pay at a bargain store in London or New York? India is a shoppers paradise. Welcome to shopping in India. What can you buy in India? Just about everything! Leather Goods, Jewellery, Clothes, Carpets, Handicrafts, Computer Books, Eye glass frames, Silk, Spices, Musical Instruments etc Many tourists are also using India now for cheaper cosmetic surgery. Some people I know have even had laser eye surgery done in India at a fraction of what they would pay in USA. So if you don’t have insurance and want your teeth clean at a fraction of the cost, and then you may consider having dental work also done when visiting India. Products or services, India may be the place to shop to get the most for your money.


LEATHER GOODS Agra is not only famous for its Taj Mahal but also is the major center in India for leather shoes. In Agra you also have the option of getting custom shoes made at unheard of prices.  Mumbai has an area called Dharavi that is also called a leather goods market by local people in Mumbai. Here you can pick up leather jackets, purses, belts and shoes at very reasonable prices. Lots of bargaining here. Compared to store prices abroad for similar items, you can save almost 80% but you need to bargain. I found just about every store in this area with some kind of sign in the store saying 'fixed price' or 'no bargaining' and yet every store did negotiate the price. This area was a slum area a few years ago but I found during my last visit to the area in May 2006 and the main shopping area in Dharavi is changing rapidly. The slum shops are being torn down and replaced with modern shops. You can actually drive right up in your taxi to the market area. COSTUME JEWELLERY Some of the worlds best jewelry is made in India. Tourists visiting India can buy one of a kind jewellery pieces at super bargain prices when shopping in India. Costume Jewellery is called artificial Jewellery in India. Jewelry made in India comes various styles depending on the region in India where the jewellery has been made. While jewelry from China is gaining popularity due to mass machine production and cheap prices, Jewelry made in India, has a touch of craftsmanship attached to it. In India the art of making jewelry is passed on from generations to generations. Each region in India has its own specialty and uniqueness when it comes to jewelry making. For instance, the most popular jewelry style made in Jaipur is called ‘Kundan’ and craftsmen who make Kundan jewelry sets have learn t the trade from their ancestors. Kundan jewelry is the art of gem setting and decoration using gold foil. Jaipur is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan and a favorite destination for tourists. If you get a chance to visit then do check out their Kundan work. The city of Jaipur is famous for its markets in Jewellery and semi precious stones. Shoppers can also get costume Jewellery made as per their own designs. The price  in such cases is quoted usually per gram weight of the material, plus per gram added for the labor in making the Jewellery. If you do visit Jaipur take a look some of the famous Jaipur shoes called 'Jutti' The main shopping markets in Jaipur are Jauhari Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, Chaura Rasta, Mirza Ismail Road and Tripolia Bazaar. COPPER STYLE JEWELLERY FROM INDIA Baroda, a city in the state of Gujarat in India is famous for its 'Gheru' style Jewellery. Gheru is the art of finishing jewellery with a dull copper type finish. GOLD JEWELLERY Gold jewelry is available in India in both yellow or white gold. However the majority of Indians seem to prefer yellow gold. White gold jewelry is gradually gaining acceptance amongst the younger generation. Indians prefer gold ornaments made of 22 karats. As pure gold is said to be 24 karats there is a certain amount of metal used in all gold Jewellery that is said to be of 22 karats. When buying gold jewelry always insist on a receipt. Gold jewelry bought in India is 22 karats. All gold jewelry has a certain amount of metal in it that is not gold. Reputable stores in their receipts for gold purchases always clearly indicate the amount of real gold and the amount of other metal used in the jewelry purchased. Reputable stores will buy back the item anytime based on their receipt and pay you according to the rate of gold that applies on the day you return the item. Insist on a proper government approved receipt for all gold purchases.
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