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Indian Sari, Suits & Pashmina Shawls

The two most common and easily identifiable dresses of India are the Sari and the Salwar Suit. The sari is also referred to as a saree and the Salwar suits are often referred to as the Salwar Kameez suits.

Indian Sari Dress

The word Sari comes from a Sanskrit word that just means cloth. Sari is a piece of cloth usually 18 feet long and is wrapped around to form a dress. Depending on their budget, some women wear cheaper cotton saris where as the affluent women have a choice of other materials like silk.  Saris, in India, can cost anywhere from rupees 100 for an ordinary cotton sari to amounts even higher than a hundred thousand rupees. It is not only the material of the cloth for the sari but the work like embroidery done with gold and silver threads that make the prices for some sari’s ridiculously high. Some brides during their wedding wear sari’s that cost well over US$2000. Indeed a tidy sum to pay for just one dress.

Salwar Suits

The Salwar Suit is a two piece dress in India. The Salwar is the pant part and the Kameez is the shirt part. Salwar suits come in a variety of styles and fashions to suit every taste. Price depends on the material and the extra work done to enhance the dress with embroidery etc. Fashion Accessories from India - Artificial  jewelry Some of the finest pieces of jewelery comes form India. In addition to gold and diamond jewelry, India offers a superb variety of artificial jewelry. Shoppers can find some very artistically made necklaces, bangles, earrings, broaches etc are available at bargain prices in India.

Made to measure tailoring

While ready made Salwar suits are available all over India has the added incentive to get such dresses custom tailor made as labor charges are quite cheap when compared to the west. I have seen tailors in India with magazines and catalogs of foreign fashion magazines and some of these tailors are quick to point out that they can tailor make any design from the catalog that you fancy. They take your measurements, you select the cloth and within a matter of hours your designer suit is ready.   Tailors in India usually do not sell the cloth. There are several cloth stores where you can select the cloth of your choice and then get your garments stitched from Indian tailors. printed Salwar suit. The cost of stitching is very cheap compared to western standards. I had a two piece woolen pant suit stitched in Delhi and paid less than fifty dollars.

 Custom Tailored Gents Suits

One of the better places for gents to get tailor made suits made is at a clothing shop called 'Raymond's'. I believe this is a franchise with stores all over India. Customers can buy cloth of your choice at their stores and get it stitched elsewhere or from tailors that are present in the shop. Stitching is done according to the style you wish. I had a woolen suit made at Raymond's and they had it ready for me on the third day.   When it comes to shopping, India is indeed the place to shop. The prices are quite reasonable when compared to prices that consumers pay in the west for many items that are exported out from India. Fashions for men, women and children are all available in India.   The sari and Salwar-Kameez attire although are popular Indian dresses for women in India. Many Indians today wear western style dresses. Several styles of western dress are also today actually made in India and exported to western countries. India is an excellent place to purchase quality Shawls, dresses, scarf's, ties, fashions for men, women and children at savings of at least 60% compared to prices in the west. These savings are based on purchasing quality items. For cheaper items savings can be as high as 90% on some items.   Over the years Indian materials have become quite popular. Next time you go shopping in western countries. Check the labels of quality dress items like shirts, dresses etc and you will find that that labels on cheaper stuff shows 'Made in China' while some of the name brand clothing shows labels as 'Made in India'. On your next visit to India, do check out the bargains there. You may find that India is indeed a shoppers paradise for western tourists.
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